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Vicky Eleen Diopenes


Bangkok, Thailand

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Dances with Stars


Vicky Eleen Diopenes

Once upon the sky
Ablaze with stars it gazed upon
My loveliness my smile
And once upon the stars I slept
and dreamed and played and danced
The moment of time stepped in
Rality took its royal chair
I fell and down upon the dust
of dirt and mire and muck
I wept I swam I lived.
Like green the grass when dew does shine
and lift up my soul does I
I see the beauty of the lilies
I learn to breath earth's saving air
And live upon it, I see the flowers and
the bumblebees, the footsteps on the muddy ground
I live and raise my eyes up and look around
I see the trees, its upper arms embracing the silver
I am
gazing on stars once more...
not to go its distance and dwell there
not to climb the highest peak and reach out to its glitter
but to sit admiringly in a distance,
remembering the dances I once danced with its shine...
but stars are not meant to hold one such as me
I am my destiny fulfilled, as
I set my foot and roots safely on the earth
that loved me and graced me
with the beauty and the fragrance of the flowers in my midst.