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Bugs Dinger


Edmond, OK, US

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Misplaced Smile


Bugs Dinger

My thoughts have this tendency to run rampant without
communicating the navy-black truths that suck
in my patience. I try to tell you that I want to paint the walls of my world with you, all different
shades of white.
But I can't find your paintbrush, to give
you my world. I want you to find the truth that plagues those who restlessly sleep daylight. The
dark specks in your eyes move when you speak of the path, Neitchze, or the drop off point where the lonely and the sexless bump into each other.
I love them.
This is my cry, my abandon for help, help me find me.
I tire of dining alone.
I once had one to pick up the tab, and open my doors. He
however was driven by a force that I could not see, but
now I do.
And when my mouth forms your name his false security is unnecessary. I see now
the comfort to be had in your arms. The future I dream is lying hidden, not in a dark room with closed doors but in a private light,
a light without doors to open or
And my delight resides within the sound of your name that falls
out of my lips onto your head that will rest on me. And we are comfort enough, we become the truth, my patience no longer escapes and my fears
rest. I can see your eyes dancing already. But circumstance traps me behind another door. So I sit, and mask emotions with clever words and
misplaced smiles.