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Dillon Dillon


Amherst, ME, US

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Lie 4 andy


Dillon Dillon

I want you so bad, it hurts to know why,
I can't have you beause of a lie.
I didn't tell, I didn't even want to know,
that some other girl got your smile,
know I'll be the one to take it slow.
To face the future without those 2 months past,
I wish every moment we had could have last.
I'll never see anyone, the way I saw you,
and I hope you feel the same way about me too.
I don't want you to look into another girls eyes,
because I'll wish they were mine and so I'll despise.
Every guy to me won't have your smile,
and so to me, they won't be worth my while.
It will take me forever to get over this,
So I'll leave you behind with only my memories left to kiss.