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Shelia Marie Dillman


Herrin, IL, US

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My Pride


Shelia Marie Dillman

You can home today so full of joy,
Life was at it's best for one little boy.

"I made it", you kept saying.
"I made the honor roll, I had been praying"

"Are you pleased with me, Did I make you proud?"
I was so thrilled for you, I screamed out loud.

"My son is an honor student, he got his grades today.
He will grow up, make his mark, and add his special
touch in own little way."

Feeling of Senses


Shelia Marie Dillman

Look into my eyes,
do you see it?
Do you see the nervous school girl?
Do you see the young and naive woman that craves the knowledge and comfort only you can give her?

Listen to my words,
do you hear it?
Do you hear the tremble in my voice?
Do you hear the timid asking of you for your tenderness and gentle touch?

Place your hand upon my chest,
do you feel it?
Do you feel the racing of my heart?
Do you feel the drive and excitement from within me?

These things are you,
you are my inner passion.
Your love for me fills me with these emotions,
only you can make me feel.



Shelia Marie Dillman

My heart breaks thinking of your pain.
What do you think the Lord had to gain?

I could not bear the loss of a child.
To take this innocent baby from the wild.

The world is not fit to have her graciousness.
Her departure has interfered with your happiness.

To have held her close must always be treasured.
Forgive him and know his love can not be measured.

'Cause he also has lost his only one.
Remember for us he gave his son.

Tell my Grandmother


Shelia Marie Dillman

Lord, I know this is probably selfish of me.
Why couldnít she have had a little more time to be?

So much has happened that wouldíve given her joy.
Like my wedding day and the birth of my little boy.

I know that you though her death was a must.
Donít worry Lord in you I still trust.

Just pass on this word to my grandmother please.
Tell her sheís still in my heart that will put her at ease.

Let her know that to me she will always be the best.
My memories are strong that will help her rest.

Oh, and one last thing Lord I want you to tell her.
How much I love and miss my grandmother.



Shelia Marie Dillman

I sit here gazing into a distant stare.
With my chin propt in my hand as Iím twirling my hair.

Dreaming sweet dreams of a man I simply adore.
Praying thereíll never be a day when I have him no more.

I will be the one he has also dreamed of.
I will be his one and only true love.

Wedding bells will chime,
As we vow to be together for all time.

White doves will flutter and fly,
As theyíre released upward to the sky.

A carriage will await just outside the church door.
Pulled by tall white horses, I think thereíll be four.

We will be the grandest couple filled with joy and laughter,
As we ride into the sunset to live happily ever after.

Affair of the Heart


Shelia Marie Dillman

You have your loving wife,
children and grandchildren make up your life.

Life is not fair to just let us be,
the love in your eyes is all that I see.

Not the damage that we would do.
so to our hearts we can not be true.

Iíll be here as your friend forever,
Ďtil my heart can no longer endeavor.

When you look into her eyes donít think of me,
think of what the two of you used to be.

Itís time for your marriage to have a new start,
be fair to yourself and open up your heart.

Get reacquainted and make a new life plan,
be husband and wife and make it the best you can.

About my Dad


Shelia Marie Dillman

You grew up as a farmerís son,
Learned about life when you where much to young.

At age 17 you went off to war,
Served your country not knowing what for.

Then you meet her, the woman of your dreams,
You asked her for her hand, it was right so it seems.

Now itís time to start a family,
Have kids and raise them honestly.

The kids are now all grown,
You see them once in a while with families of their own.

Grandchildren sit on you knee,
Asking grandpa how it used to be.

You tell them stories of the good old days,
And wish the world would go back to those ways.

I see the sparkle in your eyes,
They think their grandpa is so wise.

Time is now so dear,
You start thinking your end is near.

Youíve seen your friendís lives be gone,
Look at us kids your legacy will go on.

Youíve worked so hard through the years,
Hugged and kissed away our tears.

You will always be the greatest man to me,
Dad in my heart youíll always be.