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Steubenville, OH, US

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Tiz Diggity

Fuck You. It's the last thing she said. It's like lighting your cigarette backwards and not even noticing until you smell the stink.
I packed my bags that day and headed off to greener pastures (or so they say). You never notice how bad things are until they get worse.
On the other hand, you never notice how good things are until they get better. If you actually take a look around and see what the
fuck is really going on, it's scary. Not scary in a bad way but scary in a way that makes you feel comfortable that you're in your own
skin. Scary is the fact that scary people don't even know that they're scary. Have you ever seen a man with a yellow six flags
tank top, hi-tops and a hip pack on? Now, that's fuckin scary. You blame Ayn Rand for the infiltration of Altruism in our country?
You should actually blame the people that wear hip packs. Now that my friend is Altruism at it's finest.
You hope and pray in your mind that they are oblivious, but at the same time you can't fool yourself. Is it a bible or a water bottle in
their hip pack? Maybe it's a water bottle filled with holy water. Maybe the color neon pink was invented by Satan. Or maybe by Martha Stewart.
Not much difference.
The point is, don't ever go to Cedar Point.
You'll thank me for this.