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Fi Diddy


Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland

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Fi Diddy

I saw her face that day, she was quiet, placid and withdrawn
Only she knew what pain was, the suffering went on and on
There was no place for my anger, my hate, my guilt
Her family unit taken away, the unit she had built

Her make-up, trying to hide her bruised eye and scarred face
But nothing could hide the truth that day,
She packed her case
From that day forward she was a free woman, no more pain
Things could only get better, her pride she would regain

I look back now, I feel no more anger,
There's just an empty gap
Discovering the man I once admired, created such a trap
To call him evil would be sinful
To say he is cruel is too kind
The only thing left that reminds me of him, is to simply keep him in mind

She has moved on now, we all have in ways,
The hurt beginning to heal
Thoughts still remain, nightmares fade,
Good memories we have, we seal
This is the beginning, we must now start again,
New paths we must pave
Whatever life tries to throw at us, we must all move on and be brave

Bitter words have passed my lips,
Pictures and thoughts ruled my mind
But I am at peace now, the hatred is gone,
I have left it all behind
My only wish at this time in my life is that she can feel peace and calm
And for her to remember, that I love her, and I'm proud to say she's my Mam.