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Jayne Dickson


Gulf Shores, AL, US

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Jayne Dickson

A misty hue with shadows grey
The forces start their run
The curtain lifts, as on a stage
Another day begun

I stir my mind - though cautiously
To view my thoughts with care
I sense, out there, I am but one
What can I do but dare

To find my heart accepts the day
As earth accepts the sun
Myself is ready to renew
Until the day has done

My pattern sets - my routine starts
I Will myself to rote
I've learned, so well, to play the game
So, what is left - but Hope



Jayne Dickson

It's not the fact that when you're born
It is for you to die -
Nor, when you softly say hello
You turn and say goodby -
But, what you've thought and said and done
In time, that's measured HOW -
Your acts today will be what counts
The in-between is NOW!