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Gavin John Dickey


Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia

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going somwhere


Gavin John Dickey

the moment the thoughts of movement
enter the mind
a shift in time and you know
its the just the way things are
we donot seem to have control
over the way the river of life flows
or where the journey may end

telephone cut off


Gavin John Dickey

the silience of life
may it be permanent but it is only tempory since the
telephone was disconected
my life turned to bliss when i realised nobody can ring me
the tranquilty of peace can only be equalled by death
siblings whinging about no contact
force me to bow down to the new world order
and pay the phone bill
god forgive me for this distorted vision of life
to be manipulated by a handset and a piece of wire
that can enable people to communicate from a distance
at what cost a letter has dimished forever

prayer for peace


Gavin John Dickey

the river of life

thine crystal water

a new heaven and a new earth

let me cry the prayer for peace

lord jesus christ we all will meet

the highest mountains

we all must climb

the fear we know

when its our time

and many nations shall be joined together

and gods soldiers will stand in line