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Tami Lynn Dickerson


Elmira, NY, US

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Tami Lynn Dickerson

I wander through our early days
And touch all our sweet memories
And brush the dust off all the dreams;
I lose myself in reverie.
Those days melt deep into my mind
And I wish they had not gone away,
I aches within my wounded heart,
And so I live for yesterday.
I lose myself within the deep
And suffocate into the past,
A heavy stone forms in my chest,
I feel me sinking in so fast.

I'm scared...I've turned into a child
Seeking shelter from the rain,
I do not see my place to stand
And I surrender to this pain.
I want to crawl beneath your skin
And be the voice inside your head,
To rain my love into your life
Washing away these fears I dread.
I could feed on every word you whisper,
So whisper, soft, into my ear,
And feed my empty, hungry heart,
And give me something to believe.