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Jennifer Dickerson


Christiansburg, VA, US

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The Rose


Jennifer Dickerson

Love is like a rose,
It blossoms and it grows.
The rose prospers and grows stronger,
Giving in to temptation no longer.
With tender undying care,
The rose will continue to flare.
When the cold harsh does blow,
Will the rose give up and die? No,
Not if the rose is strong and true,
Like the love shared by me and you.

My Best Friend


Jennifer Dickerson

What is a true best friend?
Is it someone who's there till the end?
Is it the one you tell your secrets to?
Is it the one who is always there for you?
If it is, then I know,
Who to turn to when I'm low.
Of course it's you,
The one who's always been true.
When this life's got me down,
You'll always be there when I turn around.
We've laughed alot
And never fought.
We've been through good and bad,
You're like the sister I never had.
If the question is "who needs you?"
The answer is "I do"
It's not a matter of pride,
I'll always be by your side.
Right up until the end,
I'll be your friend.

Dedicated to Ashley Elizabeth Bishop
Ashley, I'm always there.



Jennifer Dickerson

Dedicated to Clay Walker: Thank you for the inspiration and hope to carry on.

It started when I saw your face
Iíll never be the same
I drift into space
When I hear your name
The world around me gets hazy
As I start to daydream
It drives me crazy
The way your brown eyes gleam
Youíve found a place in my heart
When I heard about your M.S.
My world just fell apart
It put my emotion to the test
I was stopped in my tracks
And completly speechless at first
The dam in my soul began to crack
But at once it burst
My tears flowed like a stream
All night I cried and cried
It felt like a dream
That night, a part of me died
Soon the tears ceased
And my mood shifted
My devotion increased
And my spirit had lifted
As I watch you cope
You earn my admiration
My heart is filled with hope
Youíre true inspiration
With strong emotion
I promise to give
You my devotion
For as long as I live

Remember Me Always


Jennifer Dickerson

Remember me always
And the times we've spent together.
From softball memories
To e-mails from each other

Remember me always
And the secrets we told.
You helpedme through my times
Of sorrow and happiness

Remember me always
As I will remember you.
We laughed most of the time,
But we also cried.

Never forget our memories.
No matter what happened
In our past
Or what will happen
In our future
Remember me always