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Kelly Diazzi


Oro Valley, AZ, US

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Pretty Girl


Kelly Diazzi

Pretty girl walks at night,
There is not a speck of light

As she turns around with fear,
At a man who's walking near.

Walking faster, she does roam,
Trying to hurry to her home.

She sees a car comming slow,
Tinted windows;all a glow.

Slower and Slower goes the car.
Pretty girl did not get far.

The window slowly came down,
And she heard the loudest sound.

She did not have time to run.
The sound she heard came from a gun.

The bullet hit her, then she fell.
Who she was you could not tell.

For beauty now you do not see
As she lie there hopelessly.

Pretty girl dead at night.
Lying in the street light.