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Lance Diamond


West Palm Beach, FL, US

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Lance Diamond

Is that the seed of sprouting doubt?
Has some Perfumed Prince proclaimed you "UNWORTHY!"
Are the told-you-so can't-do multitude wagging their tongues?
Shut out these worthless prattelings
Inside is a smoldering power
Feed on its energy, revel in its strength.
For you are one of those few,
Not content to accept a destiny,
Dictated by shallow minds,
Drunk with accidental temporary importance,
Doomed to pitiful gropings at make-pretend lives,
With no true friends beyond the weight of their coin.
Cast off the doubt and disbelief;
They've no room in the company of,
Will and focus,
Talent and skill,
True friends.

A Treasure Upon My Knee


Lance Diamond

The child climbed shyly on my knee
And said, "Sing the Winnie The Pooh song for me"
A finer time could never be,
Than having that child tag along,
With smells of purple bubble gum,
And smell of fresh air in her hair,
She showed the charm of being young
When days were about just having fun.

If we could only look ahead,
As clearly as we see behind,
And see how quickly time slips by
Fading the fragments of our lives
We surely would take time to pause
And grasp these moments before they're lost
Without ponderous mumblings pressing "why?"
"What now, what then, if I?"