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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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there's so much of it within me
why should that be
for happy is what I'm supposed to be
but all I feel is misery
without a clue,to my self-pity

Death I'd accept with open arms
black despondency consumes me
for that'd be a ticket to yonder realms
out of all these dues I'm paying
for sins I never knew I committed
now,would my dieing
put an end to my suffering?

Salvage my soul
for I'm feeling so cold
Lost,I am...with no one to hold
why the sudden insecurity?
I know not the answer to my absurdity,
but what I do know
is that it hurts,oh so badly.

Agony of Segregation



Tonight I weep
As I shed tears over thoughts of you,
Can get no sleep
wondering what's to become of me and you,
Love hurts
as i'm sitting here yearning for you.

My heart aches
as I'm left all alone,
Feeling so cold
so lost without you.

So much pain and hurt
so much misery and anger
fills my vulnerable heart
and flashes like thunder.

I sit here and I wonder
and I ponder
what's playing in this mind of mine
please give me a sign
for helpless is what I am
without a clue why I'm feeling so blue
or perhaps it's so true
it's simply because I'm here without you.