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Maria Deyana


Uk, England, UK

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Maria Deyana

Everywhere around me war, death and blood_
This morning in Lebanon_

Iím not crying with only one tear,
Or hurt with only one wound ,
I cry with tears of all mothers on this misery world
For everyone in the world I pray today

Where are you sailing, Imperialís galleons? Where?
Stop! Around me cells and slaves.
In whose glory are javelins upraised? And everywhere
War and blood, dead children and graves

The moon mows with his sharp sickle. In the dark
There are rots and mould. Trembled night moans.
The whole world is just a deep wound. And in silence
There waits and yawns an empty hole.

And everything is dying.Pregnant land wantons
And saint, broken arms of Allah
On peopleís last caterwaul
Effuse the heavenís dust

Lost mornings read Sabbath
In Golgotha people kneels down in front of Christ
Yesterday and today and new day tomorrow died,
Doesnít the same tear hurt us?

Everywhere around me cells and slaves
Stop Imperialís galleons! The last thorn is playing.
Everywhere around me dead children and graves,
While I moan: peace, peace, peace_



Maria Deyana

The autumn wind whispers through the trees
I stand alone above the grave,
And on top the highest, naked branches
There is a heavenís bird in front of my eyes
And from all sides_
I listen to her happy twittering
On her wings lay pearls from the sky
Clean, shining, golden yellow
And everywhere_
Angels are picking chrysanthemums next to the avenue_
On path in heaven, in the shadow of the morningís sun
Heavenly pattern_
And at this lonely moment, ecstatic
Comes into the pupil of an eye
I can see how the Lord creates life.
And everything turns to autumn again_
And now_
I stand alone above the grave. The wind is whispering
In the shadow of the morningís sun
He signs song to everyone
Above naked branches turtledove cooks:
There is life after death!