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Steven Dey


Barnsley, England, UK

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Everything Seems Right


Steven Dey

A while ago there was no hope
Only darkness and pain
An endless void of emptiness
I couldnít take the strain

I nearly gave up living
I couldnít stand it any more
I felt alone and worthless
And was reaching for the door

Then the colours come into focus
And the world seems bright
The cloud of depression is lifting
Everything seems right

I welcome every new day
With a smile and a sigh
Iím now living on life
And itís making me feel high

Pit of Despair


Steven Dey

Stuck here
In this pit of despair
To find a way out
To get to the top
My grip on it all
A hope of escape
I finally get out
How long it will be until Iím
Stuck here...