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Steven Dey


Sheffield, England, UK

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Unintentional Murder


Steven Dey

What is life but the pain before death?
What is suicide but a quick release?
Unknown heartache kills the soul,
Pills or a razor, the easy way out.

Family expectations above your abilities,
Why not take you for what you are,
Hate your clothes, hate your hair,
Donít they realise how you feel inside?

How many knocks can you take?
A conspiracy against your spirit,
Every move is somehow wrong,
A long stale life, full of shit.

Friends give their Ďadviceí,
Enemies their insults,
Donít they realise itís all the same?
Canít they see your pain inside?

One more Ďhintí, one more suicide,
A bridge or noose, all the same,
Depressions not a state of the mind,
Just thoughtless people and a sensitive soul.

Fit in with your mates Ďtrendsí,
Have a narrow view or none at all,
Like many things, everyone discards you,
Be a misfit for having an open mind.

Oldies class you as a young hooligan,
Young people class you as a geek or weirdo,
Wear your heart on your sleeve, get it ripped off,
Keep it inside and youíre a thoughtless bastard.

You Hurt Me


Steven Dey

I cling to you,
You turn away,
I reach out again,
Looking for a way.

I need your love,
For you to have cared,
You donít understand,
Iím dying and scared.

I tell you my feelings,
You donít reply,
I tell you again,
I continue to try.

You say letís stay friends,
I accept but feel shitty,
I reach out as a friend,
Iím selfish, full of self-pity.

Now thereís nothing left,
No way to go on,
An empty pointless life,
That never has shone.



Steven Dey

When I see her my heart fills with joy,
When Iím with her I feel somehow complete,
Without her I lose the will to live,
I feel alone, even in a crowd.

Sheís just a friend and wants no more,
But to me she is the whole world, everything,
She makes me laugh, she makes me smile,
When weíre apart she makes me cry.

Nothing else matters, itís all too hollow,
Will I ever feel things again?
Will I ever get through this pain,
How do I face that Iím unrequited?