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Corie Detwiler


Galeton, PA, US

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The Rain Falls Down


Corie Detwiler

The rain falls down
Tears appear in my eyes
The river flows
As the world goes on
Look around
To find the awnsers to
All the lies

Nature roams
Wild and free
We move on,
We pay no heed
Ignorance so strong
It engulfs our souls
So beautifully whole

Hearts so cold
As we are
Oblivious to
The guiding star
That holy light
It leads our way
We choose the dark,
Or so we say

The hungry, the cold
All left to die
Pitiless fools
To their cry
And I look unto
Their lonely eyes
Where is the love,
In you and I?

It amazes me,
All the faces I see
No heart, no soul
How can it be?
The loving ones
That we possess
Can become so cruel
So very fast

Flashes of light
Surround my world
How powerful can they be?
They possess the souls
Of that I see
Glints of green
So magically,
Change the ways
Of you and me

I see the heart
Of the one I love
So filled with hope
From up above
Then tell me why,
Just how can it be?
That the light,
It fades so quickly
And soon I know that light is gone
It forever ceases
The one it shines upon

The rain falls down
Tears appear in my eyes
The river flows
As the world goes on
Look around
To find the awnsers to
All the lies



Corie Detwiler

I'd just like to let you know
You are my everything
Can you imagine how it feels
To let go?
The tears are falling
I knew they'd come
It's inevitable

Cause every thought in my head
Has to do with you
Every night I lie awake in bed
My heart breaking
My breath being taken
Because of the memories we had together
It's inevitable

I dream of your sweet breath on my lips
Soft kisses on my fingertips
You stir up emotions
All over my body
You're a miracle
It's inevitable

I'm crazy with desire
You fuel my sensual fire
Your touch makes me tingle
I have been driven insane
It's inevitable

Your face bears a golden haze
Baby I think you're a god
And not just in the physical way
As much as I want to deny it
I have long since
Fallen head over heels
It's inevitable

I can't keep myself together
I've fallen apart
Losing control of my emotions
Letting go of my heart
Even though I know
The way you are
I've let myself go haywire
It's inevitable

Because your beautiful face
Shines like the sun
My heart, soul, body and mind
You have already won
I fall helpless before you
It's inevitable
Because you are inevitable
I should've known you'd blind me someday
With your ravaging, passionate love
All I have left of you now is dreams,
All I have is memories
It's inevitable,