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Gloucester, ON, CA

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September 11th, A Day Of Mourning


Linda N. Desrosiers

The sun was bright and the skies were blue that day,
People were doing their business and going on their way.
The time is 8:44 and all is well in New York,
In the twin towers they were all at work. (New paragraph)
The first tower was hit at 8:45 and there was no hope,
For the ones on the floors hit, simply could not cope.
The ones that were on the top floors had no way out,
The people down below heard screams and some shout. (New paragraph)
The second tower had onlookers in great disbelief,
Thankfully our tower is still standing, what a relief.
Little did they know that their tower was next to be hit,
Now both towers stood in flame and many were in a panic. (New paragraph)
This was definitely not an accident and they soon knew,
An act of terrorism and now what can they do?
The army was quickly assembled and took their position,
And who was responsible of such a cruel act was the question. (New paragraph)
Then out of the blue, one tower came crumbling down,
Workers and emergency crew came straight down to the ground.
Our heroes who went up to help were now in the debris down below,
One of those heroes was a firefighter named Joseph Angello. (New paragraph)
There were so many heroes in this September 11th disaster,
Take flight 93 and a man named Todd Beamer.
Many heroes, many tears and so many broken hearts,
And now you are in Heaven but we will never be apart. (New paragraph)
The United States has never given up hope and will come through,
For a nation as strong as we are, we will rebuild a new.
With God by our side and the strength in our hearts,
It will take more than another country to tear us apart. (New paragraph)