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David Russell DeSoto


Columbia, SC, US

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The Exceptions of Can't


David Russell DeSoto

Can't is a word that I try not to know
But there are exceptions...
I can't let the strife of life get in my way
I can't allow my eyes to be too heavy to wake up each morning
I can't not practice and lose my holding on the world
I can't stop being passionate in anything I do
I can't forget my dreams and turn out a withered leaf
I can't not be successful in the major trials of my life
I can't let my future children walk the same Valley of Death
I can't be less than more than I should be
I can't leave this world without it screaming my name
I can't live my fantasy and not constantly keep growing
Because when I regress, I'll be dead.
Life is the gift God gave me, and when it's gone
I can't get it back.

Go For IT


David Russell DeSoto

The It is coming, It will be here soon
It's been growing in you since the first day you stepped on the field
It was there when your arms and back ached
It was there when your calves cramped
Your resistance to pain these past few months has been feeding It
Your persistence makes It strong and your cunning gives It soul
It is coming, and I believe we all feel It
We just don't know what It is,...Yet

But in the performance, when the audience suspects nothing;
You step off in perfect harmony with your neighbor
The colorful chords of life splash the audience with their own sweat
Goosebumps raise on your arms because It is almost ready to hatch
You give more,...More,...MORE

A surge of energy pulses through you riding on the waves of adrenaline
It beams through your sound, your eyes, your aura of existence
It magnifies everything you do, and the crowd can definitely feel It
The judges can definitely feel It

You'll go home and never forget It's name
No matter if you win or lose, you'll know that It was worth It
But what about the crowd? The judges?
Well, most of them will go home not knowing what they saw
And It will be calling their name in the back of their memory like an addiction
They will try to call It sheer inspiration, but there's only one place to find It...

In the heart of anyone who stretched what they weren't supposed to be able to do
Those who pushed their limits and then some
Those that never lost faith, that never gave up
They will find It in you, as a part of you, back in the beginning, now, and forever.

Your Heart


David Russell DeSoto

When I see you, I don't know what to say
When I had loved you, you never turned away
Why have you turned to suffocating me
Listen to my heart, it thumps hard in me

It thumps for you.

You took my hand and I was lifted above my head
With you I felt as if I was warm inside my bed
Never wanting to wake up from my dream
I fell into you and fell for your theme

That I belonged to you

I had no idea what you were about to do
The last thing you said was "I love you"
I was so blind and I still want to be
Here is my heart, can't you see

I still want to belong to you
Hold you, caress you, sing songs to you
Spend my time all day long with you...

Love seems so lost when I'm not found
My soul is grinding in the ground
I say it's not but that will never be
Here is my heart, it doesn't belong to me

It belongs to you.



David Russell DeSoto

It snowed for the first time in years
Through the windows white blanketed the streets
In the huge room I sensed something
Something that was missing
She wasn't there
The one thing that could have made it heaven

I called her and she picked up
Could it have gone better
The way her vioce rang perfectly in tune with my ear
How her feelings scratched mine's back
Each sound of her steps getting closer, closer
Feeling those wonderful arms around me
Looking into the white joy on her face, looking into mine
The numbing whiteness says it couldn't have been more pure

And then, staring at a single falling flake
So alone
The sound of a monotonous ring becomes audible once more
And so does the feel of the hard plastic phone against my ear
The She I shared the moment with died with the waking of a dream
And all my heart could do is fall

Freeze Frame


David Russell DeSoto

I know not where I am
My hands shake and my knees buckle
Beeds of sweat want to exit my brow
What I'm looking at unnerves me
It makes it hard to swallow
And has the power to slay me with a mere glare
I've done this before
It never gets easier
I'm fine just before I get there
But once that door opens
My heart skips beats
My mind shuts down in anxiety
In this second I can't move
Because each and every single time
Her beauty just takes my breath away.

Last Time?


David Russell DeSoto

I could feel the warm waves of love from her eyes
Her body trembled as she touched my hand
I had ventured from the nest and now flown back
Maybe for the last and final time
Contraptions encircled her and plunged into her limbs
She had to be in pain, afraid
But she didn't show it
Courageous is the person that continues anyway
It was so hard to hold her hand and let go
To say goodbye just before she went in
Then the doctor came
Tore me from her grip with the words
"It's time"
And I walked away, head up, proud to be born of her.



David Russell DeSoto

When you take away the city streets
The lights of life, the radio beats
You may stop to take a breath
And appreciate the stars

Once you inhale that crystal clean air
As it flows in your nose, blows your hair
It will mend what's been troubling you
And heal your hearts blue scars

There's something to the Earth's wheat fields
Their silent sounds, the thoughts they yield
That morph all your creativity
Into song amidst the wind

Sing your heart out into the night
Let your soul run wild, let it take flight
Substitute all your fear with dreams
And allow nothing but hope to ascend

Amaze yourself on how much you'll grow
What you'll learn about yourself that you didn't know
Laugh long and loud into the night
No one will hear but the moon

Moments like these you'll remember most
Cultivating thoughts of life, the Holy Ghost
You'll always be there even if you're not
With wind always blowing your thoughts in tune.



David Russell DeSoto

Picture...a beautiful woman, pure in everything
Blue eyes that radiate joy
A body that in itself could kill
Knows she's cute but not too modest
Says she is always the perfect angel.

Picture adorable girl, unsure of herself
Eyes that radiate so much she's hiding something
A body that has enabled her to get what she wants
Knows exactly how stunning she is
Sometimes lies, but generally a good girl.

Picture this closer...a timid girl, scared of what people think
Eyes that are so warm they don't know when they are cold
A body that rapes herself of normal inner self-awareness
Knows her beauty, but can't help think it's not good enough
Tells everyone about what she doesn't do for reassurance of self worth.

Picture HER...a wet butterfly, wishing you would dry her wings
Eyes that turn tropical at the sight of you
A body that moves in only your direction
Knows she wants you to recognize her for how she hopes she looks
Is chained and alone, and needs you to figure how to set herself free.