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Christina Derrien


Jersey, England, UK

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Christina Derrien

A friend is for life, unlike lovers and lust,
They'll still love you whether rich or gone bust,
A friend is someone on whom you can lean,
Tell them all your sins, be open, come clean.

When everything in life is getting you down,
You feel you can't cope, look at things with a frown,
Call on a friend, one that's true and sincere,
You'll feel better in minutes when gone is the fear.

A friend will hear you and not criticise,
A friend understands, can see through your eyes,
A friend is forever and will share your tears,
And will stay within reach for all of your years.

True friendship is special and hard to find,
But if you're very lucky you'll find the kind,
The kind that gives, wants nothing in return,
And from whos experiences lifes lessons you'll learn.