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Amber Dermates


Redmond, OR, US

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I Remembered


Amber Dermates

Today is your birthday
though no words do I want to speak.
A conversation you would start
and my pain you would start to peak.

You walked out on us,
I have finally let you go.
You had no cause to look back,
I have no feelings to let show.

So, in the silence of my house
with you very far away.
I whisper to myself...
Dad, Happy Birthday.



Amber Dermates

Watching this world go around
And the people passing by
Seeing the looks on their faces
Makes me want to cry

They look like hollow trees
In a forest that's so grim
Hope and love for their seedlings
But, knowing their chances are slim

The sun will shine, the rain will pour,
The clouds will be cast away
To get a glimpse of what their future holds
Can be found in the term "Someday"