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Aniles S. Deo


Baltimore, MD, US

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Aniles S. Deo

Carl Sandburg warned us about it
he warned us they crumble, without fail;
When Carl spoke, some ignored it
and we, indulging hubris, shout Hail! Hail!
Hitler spoke of a Reich of a thousand years
But shot himself, stepfather of many new wars

Barack Obama speaks of hope and change
we who are civilized, welcome this good man
Jesus knows Barack, his name, his stains
among us are believers who trust his plan
To end violence in Iraq -bring soldiers' faith home

There's carping and backbiting, jealousy and hate ...
Obama can cope with these: he remains civilized
democrats and our republic say he might wait
His turn, while the Clintons bastardize
the meaning of "First Black President" and plagiarize!