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Aniles S. Deo


Pretoria, Guateng, South Africa

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An Orphan Wants to Sing


Aniles S. Deo

You frighten me
I tremble backwards toward my ancestors
and my siblings they have fathered

Your eyes are percing, Madame Jhabvala
Your aching heart aches so near to mine
when children of history fight an animal survival

Your name is not your mother's
Your passion is not your father's
Are they both from the father of your children?

I have note yet seen these truths
Of subcontinental piddling progress
Of reconciliation between Jekyll and Hyde

Though Africa accepted the orphans from afar
And I suckled upon my darker mother's breast
My soul sings with snatches of songs back east

I quelled these fears with half-familiar sounds
You too would have been terrified Ruth at truth
Polish on our earthen roots

For Barbara of Brussels


Aniles S. Deo

was it destiny?
friends meant to be
a country of merit
close to your heart
and mine, had you known it?

people are similar
differences make us singular
and you are ONE
thirty years ago, child was born
and together we make winters warm