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Andy Denton


Chicago, IL, US

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bike dreams


Andy Denton

dodging smoking suits with gold watches
riding my bycycle under subway overpasses
looking over my shoulder to see girls' asses
i daydream despite that they'd be bad matches
romancing every business woman in the masses

my bike sails me through the elephant vehicles
feel like gazelle on the hunt in the crowded wildness
part of the real functioning world of man and eternity
an age old position of the messenger; letter carrier
despite recent steps to break the slow mail barrier
still a great need for the hand-carried-message

my chain in my bike makes a clicking sound
when i push down with with my left foot
sometimes they hear it as i approach
most times i get to dodge them like a wild monkey
swinging from trees-trying not to fall-hit a tree

people are always asking me for directions
this is a power trip for a twenty-year-old
i never know what they are looking for
i ask for directions several times a day
the people I ask seem priviledged that i ask
as if they think they look like they know

passsing over on a see-through bridge
looking down through the bridge into the river
flashing refections through iron gate, my legs kicking
a small boat passed slowly as i looked down
half a second glance, any longer'd send me crashing

working with Alberto


Andy Denton

He has surpassed me in his welding ability
Practice makes perfect
I had to go back to school
So my muscles have softened
And my perfect right angles too

Alberto and I are planning to go to Mexico
He plans on trying to look cool
con su americano amigo
and I'm hoping he'll help with the dialect
y los mujeres.
Maybe we'll both come back with Mexican brides.

As he was sitting on the toilet across the shop
I threw a ball as hard as I could
against the door.
We do that to each other everyday.
You'll be sitting there relaxing, finally
away from the sound and smell of metal-working
and BAM goes the door right next to your ear.

Then we box till my glasses get knocked
across the dirty floor under a stack of sheet metal.
Avion, jefe!