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Natalie Denman


Southlake, TX, US

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Don't Judge Me


Natalie Denman

Why do you judge me?
Is it the clothes I wear
or how I fancy my hair?
My clothes express who I am
They tell what kind of person
I am...or do they?
My hair may be twisted and turned
or wrap around my face.
Don't judge me
by the color of my skin.
Because my handprint
on the streets I walk
are the colors
of every person.

Do you remember


Natalie Denman

Just to let you know
I still find myself sometimes
thinking about y'all.

Time has gone by so fast
and in the blink of an eye
its like a different life.

I tried to keep in touch
but over time
piece by piece
we all grew apart.

I never believed
we would all stay together anyway.
To answer your question
where have I been and
what have I been doing.
I have had many relationships
but I also know
the heart grows founder
with the absent.

Im not wanting to start of finish
anything with yall anyway.
You had your chance
and no, there is no second chances.
But I can make you a promise,
I promise I wont regret this.

Im taking what I love
and what I deserve
and making them into reality.
My dreams are coming true.

So maybe in a few years
when yall grow-up
Ill reconsider
until then_
yall will never have me.