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Repeating the Cycle



Hello, Father ...
You are my father, really.
You rage at social & political injustices.
You endeavor to reach peaceful spiritual heights.
You praise the value of intellectual & creative pursuits
and appreciate the profundity of my thoughts.

I did not see that I had been conditioned to agree.

You encourage me to trust - to share, to love.
You doubt my potential; lure me along till I succeed,
But the moment my heart is open wide,
You take advantage of its vulnerability ...
You manipulate, transpose my love for your own gratification.

I did not see the lack of mutuality.

You are given a gift - my mind, my body, my soul.
In accepting it, your intentions seem genuine,
But egoism thrives when the subconscious is so rarely consulted.
You deceive even yourself ...
The act is only consensual if there is reciprocity in its consummation.

I did not see ... this end had no concern for me ... until discovery!

I am used to bridge the gap between you and another,
But even she, my mother, does not understand that
Under the guise of rational and right, you choose only yourself ...
Nirvana is ultimately a solitary liberation.

Now, in repeating the cycle of the family, I see me.

The Past in the Present for the Future



Letloose the sorrow of the soul ...
Command the pain - release and go!
Scream out the past; wail out the woe ...
There will be peace tomorrow.