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Liz DeLisle


Battle Creek, MI, US

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To the Airplane


Liz DeLisle

From your humble days is 1903
You have risen
From the dreams of Da Vinci
And the genius of the Wright brothers
Your seed sprouted
Could they know
On that cold 17 December 1903
In Kitty Hawk?
Could they guess
As they listened to propellers whir for the first time
That one day, you would help decide wars
That industries would grow
Devoted to your design
That along with cargo and bombs
You would carry men
To greatness?

As any child, you learned to walk
Stumbling, yes
But the hands of Tsiolkovosky and Bleriot
Picked you up and propelled you to greater things
And after you walked, you flew
First faster than a horse
Then a voice
One day, perhaps, light
And always
You will satisfy men's restlessness
Carrying us beyond our terra
And delivering us to new heights

Act I, Scene II


Liz DeLisle

But break my heart, for I must hold my tongue
Hamlet, you're not the only one
For breaking hearts are private things
An anguish much too deep
To be born in view of all
Agony written in a language
Of which there is no dictionary
No grammar to give form
To torrents of emotion
That crash as waves of a hurricane
Upon my mind
A silent storm
That lives
And must die voiceless in my breast