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Cattrianna Deleveloure


Dallas, TX, US

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Lover's Tide


Cattrianna Deleveloure

Sitting alone in the room upstairs
I heard an aching cry
I heard a sound that chilled my soul
And then I felt me die
I walked the earth for seven years
And seven years I tried
To find the other realm of love
To find the lover's tide
I went to every place I knew
To reach the goal I'd set
And every time that I drew close
The tide was further yet
So back and forth across the land
I did roam all the years
Till one cold day I came across
A child so full of tears
I asked the lass to share her toils
But she could only stare
Into the eyes of death
And she could see me there
So I took the lass to a distant land
And helped her see the light
And there within her heart of gold
I heard the cry of night
She had an inner warmth that was
More comforting than fire
And as I watched her in the dark
I learned about desire
And in her I did find a peace
Of dreamers and their kind
I found the home of life itself
In her; The lover's tide