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Princess Deevine


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Touch of Magic


Princess Deevine

I looked into his eyes,
and the deepest emotion engrosed on me,
it was at that exciting and intence moment,
that a touch of magic set me free.

These hamdsome and seductive eyes,
felt as if they were peircing my soul,
as if they were holding me in a place,
where he took my heart, mind and body as a whole.

as if time had stopped for a forbidden love,
an overwhelming attraction, how could this be?
a kind of friend that means so much more than words,
yet i was wrecklessly tempted to let him have me.

we have been through so much, been through time,
but at that moment, nothing else seemed to be on my mind.
As if in a single second, i had traded loniless for compassion,
he was just standing there, my true love i was meant to find

i didnt want to move closer, but my legs did move,
as if i wanted to ne trapped in a wonderland of delight,
i felt the warmth and tenderness of his touch,
then apon my back, i felt the cool breeze of the night.

desire was simmering inside of me, loiling with his touch,
his passion ignited my own, as we lay there on the ground,
we were as one, i had a sence of complete unity.

he was silohetted in the full moons light,
as he took my body and moulded it with his,
he was the man i longed to find,
the sacred love i truely missed.