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Momma Dee


Derbyshire, England, UK

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Forever Soldiers


Momma Dee

Uniform tombstones,
Like teeth in the mouth
Of death.
Each one a silent testimony
Of a young life lost.
Even now, in regimental rows.
Forever soldiers.

Reminders of battles fought,
And victories won.
Live`s,bravely given in death,
Exchanged for peace.
But i feel no peace.
Not here,amongst these
Cold stones.
It is a desolate place,
Lonely,and devoid of life,
But full of death.

Soldiering on,
I march through rows.
Searching for his name,
And final resting place.
They told thier well rehearsed lie,
He died bravely,in battle,
He did his duty.
The truth,he died in agony,
Broken and bloodied,
Felt abandonment and fear,
And with his last breath,
Cried Mother.

One amongst many,
A forgotten hero,in a parade
Of stone regiments.
Alost child,far from home,
Who will never know
I have found him,
That he will not be going home.
He will remain,
Forever a soldier.

Earth Dreams


Momma Dee

In a dream i met a stranger,
A mage from legends of old.
He laid his hands upon me,
To me a vision showed.
I saw a face of beauty,
Mother Earth when she was young,
Before mankind set foot upon
The ground that i stood on.
When leaf and grass were greener
Than you`ve ever seen before.
When red blood did not soak the soil
Because of mankind`s wars.
When Earth was still a paradise
With forests dark and thick.
Before mankind learnt how to build
His cities of steel and brick.
When mountains concealed Earth`s
Diamonds and gold,and her oil lay
Secret and deep.
Before mankind learnt how to pillage
The ground beneath his feet.
When seas caressed her beaches,
With water warm and clear.
Before mankind learnt how to dump
His toxic waste in there.
I saw a distant future,of Earth,
The home i knew,
The beauty being ravaged
By the like of me and you.
All that i saw was broken,
Rotten and decayed,
Polluted rivers, steaming, under
Ultraviolet rays.
Rotting carcasses on beaches,
Spewed out by acid seas.
Brick and steel ruins,
Choked and bound by weeds.
That which the mage had shown me,
Must surely come to pass,
If mankind cannot control the urge
To take and not give back.
Remember then the beauty,
Mother Earth when she was young,
For there shall come a dawn
When all beauty will be gone.



Momma Dee

Unkempt hair and sunken eyes,
Sad and nameless face,
Stepping out into the night
Walking without grace,
Is there no one to love you,
Where as your laughter gone,
Missjudged nameless stranger
Where did your life go wrong.

You look just like the other kids
With sad and sunken eyes,
Whose lives have crossed the same path,
Who battle to survive.
You live on scraps and handouts,
No one gives a damn,
Except the sally army,
Or the homeless shelter man

When will it be over
You cannot see an end
To living like an outcast,
Some drug your only friend.
Sleeping in cold doorways,
Begging for some change,
Counting up the pennies
So you might eat again.

If we could find the answers
To all the questions asked,
We'd look around this world of ours,
And see behind its mask
Take away the beauty of the face
That we all see,
And you will find the one thats hidden
That you thought
Could never be.

Fay Gun


Momma Dee

Fay Gun was a bewitching sight ,
With hair as gold as corn,
And eyes that glistend like the dew
On a tranquil summer morn.
Her smile was rather whimsical .
Her stature small and slim .
Five feet tall from the top of her head
To the shoes that she stood in

Fay Gun lived alone ,
Her mother had past on .
Although there's some would tell you
That her spirit lingers on .
She was the village wise one ,
Potions and salves she stored ,
For anyone who dared to knock
Upon her cottage door .

Fay Gun learnt her mother`s craft ,
And all of natures laws.
She began to use them
Before the age of four.
A lovers spell was given,
A candle burning bright,
To maids who had the courage
To venture there at night .

One day there rode a stranger
Into the village square .
What was heard by young Fay Gun
Filled her heart with fear .
" I have come a hunting, witchfinder that i am"
At six feet four ,stood towering there,
A giant of a man .

Fay Gun she ran at breakneck speed
To her cottage with it`s thatch .
She caught her foot upon the step
In haste to reach the latch .
Secret spells and potions
she scurried to collect ,
While mathew gore, at six feet four ,
Ate meat, drank ale, then slept.

Early in the morning ,
As the sun began to rise ,
He and his men rode to the woods
Where Fay Gun did reside .
The cottage it was empty ,
No potions did they find .
Not a scrap ,nor breadcrumb
Had she dared leave behind.

Mathew Gore let out a roar ,
Like a beast that roams the jungle .
His colossal frame cursed Fay Guns name ,
As he kicked a straying mongral .
There`s some that say ,
Who were there that day ,
On the path to old monks wood ,
That Mathew Gore ,at six feet four ,
Shook the ground on which they stood .

And there in Fay Guns garden ,
Napping in the shade,
Amongst the sprigs of rosemary ,
Belladonna, rue and sage ,
lay a quite contented cat
With fur as gold as corn ,
And eyes that glistend like the dew
On a tranquil summer morn .

Evolutionary Puzzle


Momma Dee

Organisms existing in a primordial sea,
Earths nursery of life to be.
They had no need of eyes or ears
In that silent, womb like world of thiers.
There was no use for taste or smell.
No pressing need to produce a shell.
They had no brain, nor spinal links,
For eons no need, nor ability to think.
They could not desire.
Were not urged on.
They had no dreams to build upon.
So what caused the change
They did not require.
What sprung the leap that took
Them higher.
Why did they evolve into life forms new,
From which all other creatures grew.
What need had they of a concious mind,
Or to leave thier primordial sea behind.

Flanders Field


Momma Dee

As i walked in flanders field
Beneath soft summer rain,
I thought i heard a whispering voice
Calling out a name.
Cautiously i turned to look,
Felt chilled and quite surprised,
To find an old man standing there,
Tears were in his eyes.

He said that he had lost his way,
Was searching in the rain,
For old friends that he could not find,
He called to them in vain.
Then from in the distance,
Where a rainbow touched the ground,
Carried on the summer breeze
Came a distant battle sound.

The old man turned towards the sounds
That were floating on the breeze,
And i heard the softly spoken words
That brought him to his knees.

I am over here Joe
With Ted, and Sid, and Bert.
We thought that you were lost,
Or maybe you were hurt,
So we searched for you,and waited,
While shells fell all around,
Then i heard you calling,
Above the battles sound.
You know we could never leave you
Out here ,and all alone.
We vowed to stay together
Untill they send us home .

The old man cried i see you Bill,
And joy replaced his tears,
As he ran towards the distant voice
That had waited many years.

As i walked in flanders field
Beneath soft summer rain.
I said a prayer,
For that old man
Whose memories linger there,
As through the distant rainbows end,
I watched him disappear.

the voyage


Momma Dee

Stolen from my motherland,
Imprisoned on the sea.
Whips and shackles,
Angry shouts, in a tongue so strange to me.
I am given water,
I am given bread,
But the plea i shout is not understood,
So i am quiet instead.

The swaying of the vessel,
And stench within the air,
Turns the guts of many,
Who are doomed to share my fear.
The crying of the children,
Constant in my ears,
The wailing of the women,
Turns hope into despair.

Two months i have been shackled here,
No air to fill my lungs.
No sunlight in this prison,
Nor hope within my songs.
The man who sat beside me,
Died and waits to rot.
One of those my jailers
Seem to have forgot.

The children`s cries are fewer now,
As are the women`s wails.
Many that are with me have abandoned
Hope i feel.
They sit in subdued silence,
Accustomed by the whip,
And pitifully sway to the motion of the ship.

I don`t know where i`m destined,
Don`t know now if i care,
As long as i see daylight,
And fill my lungs with air.
I`ve listend to the voices that drift
From deck`s above,
A few words i have mastered,
Although not understood.
One it is Jamaica,another it is slave,
The other it is used in jest,
When a whippings gave.

The Temptress


Momma Dee

He is my son ,to whom i gave life.
He knew no greater love than mine,
But as found a sweeter one.

She is a temptress.
He cannot see beyond her beauty,While laying
Softly cocooned, imprisoned by her embrace,
Without which he cannot face anouther day.

She is to him ,as a mother.
Giving him comfort,
Soothing his pain,
Chasing away his fear.

She is to him ,all that is,and will be.
She is a goddess,
His jailer,
His executioner.
His heroin.

Lost Faith


Momma Dee

When i was five i flew down the stairs.
I know i did,but no one believed me.
They said i imagined it.
But i did,
I flew down the stairs.

I,d been to sunday school,
Father John said,God loved little children so much
His angels would catch you if you fell.
So i jumped off the top stair,
And i flew.
No one believed me,
They said i imagined it.

Now i,m a grown up,
I still think i flew down the stairs,
But i wouldn,t tell anyone,
They,d say i imagined it,
They,d say i was mad.

Secret Garden


Momma Dee

In sleep,s secret garden
Through fragrent groves i walk
And rest a while by gentle streams,
A world born from my thoughts.

It is here i catch my poems
That dance upon the air
They tell of angels shining bright
And the deepest dragons lair.

So if one night your passing
While strolling in your dreams
You find sleep,s secret garden
And rest by gentle streams
Make sure you catch those poems
Don,t let them get away,
Read them well before you wake
For like dreams they fade away.



Momma Dee

Have you looked into the sky
And have you ever wonderd why,
Birds can fly into the air
But we are allways stranded here.

Have you looked into the sea
And wonderd with a heart felt plea,
Why fish can swim beneath the waves,
To us it,s just a watery grave.

With all our knowledge
And our wealth,
Submarine and airborne stealth,
The freedom of the air we seek,
And how to swim beneath the deep.

These things to us God did not grant,
He gave them both to humbler rank
And maybe theres a reason why
He saw fit we did not fly.

We were ment to tend this earth
To live together in joy and mirth
Not to kill,maime and fight
Or send our bombers in the night.

Did he forsee the anquished cries
Of young men laying down to die
And children huddled in the night
Crying for the daybreaks light.

Did he forsee the look of fear
Of birds that flee when we come near.
Did he percieve the swift escape
Of darting fish beneath our lakes.

Have you ever wonderd why
It,s fish that swim
And birds that fly.



Momma Dee

In a world of imagined dreams
Nothings really as it seems,
And as we walk in sleep,s caress
Rescued from daily weariness,
We don,t percieve reality,
We live a life of fantasy.

We walk a maze that as no end.
A new begining at every bend.
Never aware it is a dream,
Taking things just as they seem.
Here within this fantasy
No knowledge of finality,
Unaware of our mortality
We live a life of dreams

We awake then to reality,
No longer in our fantasy
We acknowledge our mortality,
And all that it dose mean.
Now we have a fantasy
That when we reach finality,
At the end of our mortality,
We live a life of dreams.

Old Man


Momma Dee

Do not judge him by his wrinkles
Or the fact that he is grey
A part of him that lies within
Is twenty one today.

Do not judge him by his garments
Or the battered badge he wears
A part of him that lies within
Is proud of what he Bears .
Do not judge him by his slowness
Or the fact that he is old
A part of him that lies within
Is brave and very bold.

Do not judge him if he mumbles
Or he pushes in the queue
A part of him that lies within
Fought wars for me and you.

Do not judge him by his silence
As he passes by your shack
A part of him that lies within
Was lucky to come back.

The Road


Momma Dee

I am the gate keeper.
At the begining of this road is a gate.
Through this gate everybody must pass.
You do not have a choice,
And there is no turning back.

The road stretched out before you
Snakes into the distence,
And it,s end is shrouded in mist.
On your journey you will meet others,
Beware! all are not who they seem.
Only you can choose who to trust.
I do not know what awaits you,
I do not know how long you will travel,
I am just the gate keeper.

As you make your way along the road
You can choose many paths.
Some lead to enlightenment,
Some lead to danger,
Some are long and winding,
Others short and straight,
But all lead back to the road.
The choice is yours.

I am the road sweeper,
I will help you if you want.
Got years of experience i have.
Here! what about this way,
No!stop wait a moment,
That,s not really you is it,
University looks too mundane,
Boring,all those books.
I wouldn,t waste my time,
It,s fun you want,fun,
But i,m just the road sweeper,
It,s your choice.

Now lad you don,t want to go in there.
I know the stained glass windows
Look lovely with the sun shining through em,
But it,s cold inside,
Never got anough money
To heat them places.
Pleanty of time for that later,
Your young lad,
You want fun,fun,
But i,m just the road sweeper,
It,s your choice.

Now this way looks promising,
Bright lights ,big city,
You could be somebody here.
Mix with the right people,
Make a few good contacts,
Earn your self a name,
Have some fun.
I know what i,d do if it was me,
But i,m just the road sweeper,
It,s your choice.

I am the gate keeper.
Tread carefully,
Choose your paths wisely,
The road is long and i cannot help you.
Remember there is no turning back.

I am the road sweeper,
We meet again old friend,
I had a feeling about you,
Knew you,d do well.
All that money,diamonds and gold,
Drugs, wine,women and song.
I like the gun,nice very nice,
And the car, phew! nice very nice.
Living the good life then,
Made it pay.
Don,t have to answer to any one,
Your own boss.
Feel you made the right decisions then.
It was your choice.

I am the gate keeper,
You have reached the end of the road.
The mist begins to clear.
There are two sets of gates here,
But you DON,T HAVE a choice,
For those marked HEAVEN are locked,
But the gates of HELL ARE ALWAYS OPEN.
Remember there is no turning back.
It was your choice.

I am the road sweeper,
Welcome to my world.

The addicts prayer


Momma Dee

What awaits me after death Lord
There are some things i must know.
I feel my life is at it,s end,
But i,m afraid to go.
Will i be reborn Lord,
Or will my soul be lost
To wander in dark places,
Because i,ve paid the cost.

Am i to be forgiven for the
Lawless things i,ve done,
The stealing and the lies,
The shooting with a gun.

I,ve really messed things up Lord
I,ll never know quiet why
I took the drug friends handed me
And made my mother cry.

Please! Lord, if your listening,
If you are really there,
Wash away my fear Lord,
Wipe away my tears,
Tell mum that i love her,
Take my soul tonight,
If it,s your wish that i don,t wake
To see a new dawns light.

I tried to put things right Lord,
I really wanted to,
But i gave my all to Heroin
Instead of all to you.