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Marylisa W. DeDomenicis


Northfield, NJ, US

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Under Certain Light


Marylisa W. DeDomenicis

When wolf lies down, wolf
has an emerald body
under certain light. Wolf has
the body
of a garden, the body of stars,
the body of my brothers.

When wolf lies down
with me, I feel
a swan, near-silent, gliding
under moonlight
on the water of my tongue.

I am not afraid.

I lie down when wolf lies down
and I am not afraid.

I do not remember
the animal
we have been to one another
is not the same animal.

I do not remember
the animal
until wolf stands up.

When wolf stands up I see
I foster a fierce girl.

When wolf stands up
I discover wolf
has strong -
but not powerful - arms:
Wolf's weapons bleed.
Wolf's weapons bleed.

When wolf stands beastly
I do not cower
or flee to sulk in the weeds -
but stand - so feircely -
my child-face darkens until
I cannot see me
through the night.

I, too, may be bleeding.
I may be
bleeding. I might be wolf
or belly of wolf -
my child-face darkens so

and night will not leave me.

Even as wolf lies down
so that we might heal.

Even as I am returned
to my body - night will not
leave and my ghosts will not
abandon me.

I watch wolf and I
grow eyes wide enough
to see all of me.

Sometimes I am doe-eyed.
Sometimes, no.