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Vampiric Decay


Stevenson, WA, US

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No Tomorrow


Vampiric Decay

Suicide, suicide, the only way out,
Tired of living,
And of this bout,
The pain, the pain, it feels so great,
To suffer this agony,
Life gives pleasure? No goddamned way,
Blood running over arms, over the scars,
Of past wanderings through this, my fears,
Confused beyond return, cracked wide open,
Is everything I held dear, everything is gone,
Killing, killing, this broken machine,
Waste of life, waste... of nothingness,
Nothing... strange... it feels like home,
Maniacally freeing life from bones unused,
Marrow burning up inside,
Love is gone, never was there, why was I lied to?
I deserve none of this, what great Sins did I partake?
To get tossed out of Fate's glory, to be so hated,
Heavily gunned down, entrails spilling,
Lifeless corpse in pergatory grinning,
God don't want this, neither does Lucifer,
Too good for Hell, yet rejected from Paradise everlasting,
Fuck this sucks to suck this much,
Being a waste, waste... goddamn it hurts inside,
Wanting to scream, voiceless I cry,
Drowning in sorrow, covered in disease,
Looking to the sky, asking with blue-toned skin "please,"
Doomed to failure wherever I go,
Whatever I do, there is no tomorrow.



Vampiric Decay

Dead as I,
Touch the burning sky,
Release all,
Looking to fall,
Tomorrow gone,
Free to scratch upon,
Unworthy soul,
Likewise known,
As moonlight assassin,
I'm repremanded,
Through love of decay,
Alive this day,
Wallowing in pity,
A bloodbath you see,
My demeanor, death,
Nothing left,
To harm me.