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Ni Deaghain


Seattle, WA, US

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A Sand Song


Ni Deaghain

(for Ron Yary)

Rare fields wistful first love memory
Upon ice eyes of age listening past
Mournful of winterís reality cast
Outside a stadiumís snowy land
with fingers blowing in the sand
A tide full song for valor's wind
A Sand Song

Eyes your eyes, the skyís compliments
Belonged to them, legs Los Angeles legs
Armed against this tenderness
Looking to hear my touch not realize
Humanity's gray polluted hum
Edits the autumn tide in poverty and sings
Home as Spring is gone from here

As softer noises distant now
Silently shatter the sound of tears
as ice pieces pierce our virgin wish
a refined less latent childhood land
Echoing ja ci kocham spoken damned
to mirror a glance of thought written
Faded in Summerís Sand Script