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Tina Day


Sylmar, CA, US

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Light and Dark


Tina Day

You, with your strong color
Coming to fade me
Into the shadows
Of your life

How dare you look at me
With the disdain
Usually reserved for
A pair of unmatched socks

Jumping into the spotlight
I'm dangerously close
To all that which
You hold dear

Teetering on the edge
Of light and dark
I struggle to own
What you possess

The unwavering confidence
Of someone, who
Doesn't realize that there
Is something to lose.



Tina Day

Lofty dreams and high ideals
While all around you
Reality squeals

Shut yourself in; toss out the key
Safe in your skin
As you drown in the sea

Stuck in the mire; out of your mind
Your ultimate fate
Is slowly resigned

The trial is over before it's begun
Dejected and hurting
The contest is done

The root of the problem, it comes to bear,
You shouldn't take the trip
If you can't pay the fare

Balancing Act


Tina Day

Wrap me up;
Take me in;
Safe in your ball of confusion.

Slightly unbalanced,
But technically sane,
Just teetering over the edge.

One miscalculation,
The slightest flaw,
And the House of Cards comes down

It's just like they say -
Timing is everything.

Accidental Droning


Tina Day

Why can't you just be quiet.
Your incessant internal dialog
Is slowly driving me to the edge

Do what you must and then
I don't have time to listen
To your self-serving prattle

Like a drone; on and on and on
And over the top, plunging into
The fathoms of eternal insignificance

I, meanwhile, am left to drown in
The insipidness of my daily life
Regardless of talents and ambitions
Heretofore virtually ignored

Standing on the Brink


Tina Day

Standing on the brink of self-discovery
I am momentarily stunned back to mediocrity
By the annoying cacophony of a stranger’s cell phone
Summoning them to its beck and call.

The woman sitting at the table across from me
Looks as if she’s never had any fun or
Called in sick because it was too nice to work.
She’s surgically attached to her pager and Palm Pilot.

The freeway below is filled with drones
Mindlessly driving like lemmings to a cliff
Of paperwork, unending bureaucracy and
Meaningless office politics.

Suddenly, I find myself unable to move,
Paralyzed by the fear that I could be sucked
Into the vast wasteland of materialistic nirvana
Affectionately know as Corporate America.

Motionless for what seems an eternity
I finally turn in the direction of a small child
Screaming in a futile effort to be noticed
Amid the turbulent sea of urban humanity.

"Exactly," I say to myself as I quietly merge
Into the nearest wave of anonymity flowing
Up against the threshold of unending storefronts
And back into the ebb of uncompromising conformity.



Tina Day

Reach out your hand
To capture a whisper
Lay on the grass and
Fly to the moon

All your desires are
There for the taking
Unleash your mind
And the journey begins

Over the clouds and
Under suspicion
Invert your thinking
To see where you’ve been

Life microscopic is
No way of living
The endless minutia
Will drive you insane

Broader horizons will
Keep you more steady
The richer the landscape;
The keener the wit

Vary your path and you
Take on new meaning
Capture a glimpse of
The past yet untold

Ebb and Flow


Tina Day

Ripples in the sand
Appear at once
Then suddlenly no more.

Errant cobwebs
Cover memories
Long past, whisper,
Promises within.

As I straddle the abyss
I question my motives.
Why am I drawn to
This place?

So many moments
To seize,
Why am I stuck
In this particular instance?

Beyond the ordinary,
Lies that to which
I am destined
Yet I hestiate.

Why does my fate
Frighten me so
That I am frozen
Where I am?

Through the Motions


Tina Day

Images passing
Behind my eyes.
Sorrowful dreams,
Forgotten lies.

Triumphs foregone
Never come back.
Tragedy played
Over en masse.

Deep in your soul
Things never heard.
Singing through now,
Like the songs of a bird.

Over and under
The truth never lies.
Caught in the wishes;
Trapped in the sighs.

Repeat through the day
Until there’s no more.
Tired of the traffic,
Like a $10 whore.

Lay down forever
Alseep to the pain.
Nothing much ventured;
Nothing much gained.

Flickering Embers


Tina Day

An instant in time
Flickers in the light of another day
Beckoning us to come;
To join the game once again

Fading embers fly
Into the air, swirling and kicking up
O’er the horizon
Through the layers of cosmic soot and dust

Passing through what was
And what shall nevermore be as before.
Kindling our memories
For that which we long to see again.

Tugging our heart strings
With a longing and aching felt too often
Never satisfied
By neither man nor god.

Wherein does our life,
Our immortality lie, if not in
That which survives us
And carries us into our own future.

Ignorance Lost


Tina Day

Watery dreams cascade down, into a sea of misspent youth
Time dwindles much like expended tissues.
Aching for a meaningless moment
I strain to ignore the writing on the wall.

Snatches and clips of an uninspired past
Whirl and float above my head
Teasing me with reminiscences.
Glimmers of lost innocence.

Time was our servant
Bending to each whim we desired
Now it is our master and
We have no options left to us

If we knew what we had
Would we have let it go so easily?
Or is that the magic
Of having it to begin with?

Ignorance isn’t bliss.
It’s the manifestation of having
Something that you
Would never have had otherwise.

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