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Keturah Davis


Smyrna, GA, US

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Keturah Davis

There is no place for me...I am young
The Old knew each other and now live infinitely
in a place
Fall in the Spring, Winter in the Summer
Saturn in Earth, Venus in Mars, the Moon in Sun
We the young, are a dying race
Do you hear our song...Our prayers fall on deaf ears
rain drops falling, rays of sun shining, lunar tides pulling
what was lost to my memory now returns
I am getting old and wise, knowledge settling uneasily about my shockra
Soon...I will be held accountable for what I know
it is a glorious thing said she
to have completed the circle of life, 360 degrees
gaining intellect and finally a soul to send back to the heavens
the soul should never die but occasionally does
like the Navajo Indian, I have traveled the earth...
unearthbound, spiritually, soulfully
in an opaque yet transparent capsule, warm
My weary journeys have taken me to the edges of time
traveling at speeds unknown to humankind
still I remain unaged, skin horribly smoothed...Why ?
my eyes reflecting my image...ghostlike and rounded
I am unblemished with all too knowing silver eyes
I weep now...I am all alone, all flesh has died
I have lived beyond normal earthly beings
beyond the final destination
I am older than many grand canyons, all eroded to uneven sandbeds
My soul cries for it's mate, it is gone...I am the sole human survivor
Mine essence has relinquished and succumbed to wisdom...
I now live among the old and wise... yet I remain Human