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Angel Davis


Fort Erie, ON, CA

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Angel Davis

Fairy Tales, Fantasies, and Dreams
Milk shakes, candy bars and ice cream,
Snow covered lawns, and icicle trees,
A sun so high, no clouds in the sky,

The sound of waves, coming ashore,
The smell of a rose, still wet with morning dew,
A puppy dog kiss, a small childs wish,
A moonlit night, stars shining bright.

And none compare to you.

Not the smell of fresh cut grass,
Not a beach with miles of sand,
Not the smell of lilacs, on a beautiful spring day,
Not a thousand bluebirds singing in the sky.

These things beautiful as they are,
Could not begin to define, the way I feel for you.

And as I lie awake, this last summers eve,
Unable to sleep, mind wondering,
Soul altering,
Heart melting,
I listen to the sounds, of the world around me,
And I here the crickets chirping,
Waves pounding on the nearby shore,
And listen to the wind and all the songs it sings,
And now that somewhere you are out there,
Not so far away,
And I open the door, to the world around me,
And as I let you,
Step out in the wind,
And I feel your touch,
Soft and gentle across my face,
And I turn, to see what is you,

And embrace this new season,
And all that it brings,
I open my eyes,
To know that you are all that I need,
And as I turn,
To look just one more time,
I feel you lips,
Soft and gentle,
Apon my lips.

Passed Beauty


Angel Davis

On the morning of the flowers dyeing day,
She cried a thousand drops,
And tried to run away,
But her roots held her firmly in place.

She wished for just a moment to be a bird,
Her flying petals then not so absurd,
She felt naked and bare as she fell to her earthy grave,
And wondered if all beauty passed away.



Angel Davis

They say that love is a wonderful thing,
That life is worth living, through the one you let in
And that all the world will be glorious and free.
If only you find your loved one,
With wich your meant to be.

But never anywhere do they ever say,
That a love far away is any of these things,
I've looked and I've listened, for these good things said,
And to this day I have seen or heard not a thing.

I know personally that this love is grand,
That it brings great joy to the hearts at hand .

The words and emotions just as true,
The need and the want,
Growing through and through.

This love so strong glorious and true,
Brings with it, heartache misery and gloom,
For if you hadn't noticed,
For if you haven't seen,
This love I have,
Can not be seen.

I can't look into his eyes,
And know our love will always be.

I can't wrap my arms around him
And feel his heart beating next to me.

I can't lay my head apon his chest,
Or listen to him breath.

I can't touch his lips,
And now there mine.

I can't hear his voice,
That I know would be,
And true.

I can't hear him laugh,
Or see a sparkle in his eye...

I can't feel him next to me,
As I lay fast asleep,
Or know he'll be there, in just a blink.

But I still have dreams,
And I still have hope,
An in the end,
That's what love is,
That's what it's all about.