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Dorothy Davis


Jonesboro, GA, US

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Cupped hands


Dorothy Davis

A sense of dread has fallen upon me.

I feel that the love you had for me has slipped my grasp.

This thirst I had developed for you has left me weak.

As I cupped my hands, I fill them with water.
I watch in desperation as the water seeps through.

I knowing I can not drink enough to quench my thirst.

My dear, your love is the water I am in so desperately in need of.

You say I have doubts. Yes of course I do. I am only human.

I have my frailties. By no means am I perfect especially when it comes down to the love I have for you.

I have walked into this situation with cupped hands.

I somewhat knew your love I could not keep.

I stand in a state of aye as I watch you slip away from me.

I asked myself. What have I not done?

What did I do? What did I say? What did I not say?

I am so confuse and hurt. !!!

I look down at my hands. They are empty.

Your love for me has gone.

Now I am alone with un-cup hands.

Forbidden Dreams


Dorothy Davis

He came out of nowhere into my reality.

My poor heart is about to become a fatality.

In my mind I do pray.

This cannot be happing to me.

No way, no way.

So handsome, so sexy he is I must say.

Just the thought of him takes my breath away.

He asks of me, make me your lover.

On this request I can not see.

Only in my dreams can it be.

He is much too young I do gather.

By him being married this dose matter.

This is my reality I must keep hidden.

I will not dream anymore of this love

That is forbidden.

Spoken Words


Dorothy Davis

The fool speaks first.
He then prays.
A wise man prays first.
He then speaks
The fool words are many.
His words are unregulated.
However the wise man words are few.
God regulated them.