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Kim Davis


Montreal, QC, CA

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Faraway promise


Kim Davis

Night falls on the glowing city,
moonlight reflecting upon the ice.
The last shoppers are in a hurry
to get their loved ones something nice.

Kids' laughter echo in the air,
and merry songs linger faintly
as aromas deploy softly
while I walk back to my lair.

Family and friends together,
we celebrate the holiday.
Cheers, fun and amusement gather
through the night and following day.

So why should an insisting thought
cross my mind full many a time,
bringing it back to my pastime
and the message from afar brought...

I know I'll never be the same.
Since I've received it, I'm aflame...
Despite the joy round me I miss
the caress of its sender's kiss...



Kim Davis

Take your life's lead. Do not wait.
Act in the knowledge of your soul,
before reacting to some fate
others recognize as your role.

You may wonder if it's your turn
to take your destiny in hand;
and if you are ready to learn
the obligations of command.

Then think of the alternative:
life has the means to move and shake
those who postpone without motive
the decisions they have to make.

Too many times are we afraid
to denounce the status quo.
Too many times are we restrained
by the fear of our own fiasco.

Many things are worth fighting for...
Where's your determination ?
You need to exercise it more
to set your own world in motion.