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Lizeth Davis


Murray, UT, US

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Lizeth Davis

When you're in love
You are free
You're practically a dove
and you have "The Key"

It is so special what you have inside
you know you just can't lie

But there are those times...
When you don't have the chemistry
Your relationship is just like a lime
and then u remmember those times when u were up in the tree
you laughed and cried
very unpatiently

You didn't know what was wrong
and you didn't know for very long
You walked back and forth back and forth
thinking if love was worth

I mean the pain u suffered...
the tears u cried
and all of the lies tha made u go undercover
it felt like you were tied...

Was love really worth it?
Did love make you happy enough to think that?
You always said that love would never let you be in a pit!
You always thought that you could open any latch.

So now tell me...
What is love?
Is it a flower blooming in the sun or a rainbow in the sky or even rain??

Is love any old simple and plain regular type of thing?
or is it that special and true and believing type of thing?

Is love worth all of the pain inside your heart?
Or is love worth all of that Happiness inside you heart?

Love lifts us up where we belong all u need is love...
Is that true?
is anything in this poem true?
I don't know... these are just my thoughts...

IS love really worth a heartache?