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Sheri Davis


Petersburg, IN, US

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A Life Cut Short


Sheri Davis

A rose, with an unbridled zest
growing faster than the rest,
takes from the soil, sun and rain
what is needed to sustain
From a bud, it opens wide
to show the beauty that's inside
Until one moment, caught in time
when in it's glory, so sublime,
no crueler cut was ever made
than that, with such a wicked blade
Though lovely still, it makes me cry
-I never wanted it to die
Like you, it did not live in vain
for both, in memory, shall remain

Common Sense


Sheri Davis

There is no one who can be perfect here, not you nor me
But we all are sure to meet those filled with a smug conceit
positive they know it all, who waste it, making us feel small
I have to say, in their defense, they don't know they lack common sense
and sadly, they will never see that makes them less than you and me
We may not own the better brain, but sense is something we'll retain
By using just a little bit, earth holds no place we cannot get
Those who have it feel no need to rub it in 'til others bleed
The quiet ones who never brag makes those who do a total drag
The choice to turn the other cheek does not mean if you do you're weak
For those who choose to condescend, the wise ones never break, they bend

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A Coal Miner's Prayer


Sheri Davis

A spark ignites out of the gloom
as lights come on in every room
Our minds create the red-hot ember
as a symbol for us to remember
For that glowing rock of coal
man has given his very soul
to give Mother Nature a helping hand
spreading energy throughout this land
To bring heat and light to those in need
became the true coal miner's creed
For without these things we soon would die
which is a fact we can't deny
But remember, please, at every cost,
all the lives which have been lost
Yet not one man would trade his space
in making this world a better place
So say a prayer for our good earth
for she continues to show how much she's worth
by giving something from within,
proving her power once again

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