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Stephanie Davis


St. Augustine, FL, US

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Stephanie Davis

Placed in a land of pain and lost
In search of that nameless face
Yet, fearful of that seething rejection

Wandering, searching, seeking
Not finding that missing link
Yet, fearful of that seething rejection

Completing the circle
Venturing the unchartered waters
Yet, fearful of that seething rejection

Craving the touch, desiring the feel
Hungering for the unknown taste
Yet, fearful of that seething rejection

At long last, I find the quench to my swelling thirst-
I embark upon my unnamed salvation

The rejection is seething

Solitude Anew


Stephanie Davis

Solitude anew, rejuvenated and pure
Brings me to a greater sense of self
Self-accepted nonconformity is mine
Bringing light to the darkness of esteem

The strong arms of singularity and oneness
Brings me to embrace myself
Loving and wanting me like no on else
Brings me from the gutters of mental death

This world can be so callous and ruthless
Bringing me to bias theory
Now seclusion and privacy intertwined
Brings past thoughts to truth and resolution

Carrying the baggage of the past
Brings my soul such heartache and pain
Liberating myself and shedding the gear
Brings me self-love and less shame

Without a Sound


Stephanie Davis

Iíve grown silent like the waters before me
I continue to drift and ripple in one direction
Until I tire and allow my tide to surface
Hitting the shoreline, knowing my destiny
Dissipating without a sound

Morbid Memories


Stephanie Davis

Morbid memories masked with metaphoric meaning
Plaque my tortured soul, yielding grief

Self-hate, self-doubt, worthlessness, inferiority
Succumbing to it all in attempt to try

Rise up, stand tall, donít falter, be brave
Endless words that I hear- unable to listen

Moments in time held captive in my mind of contempt
Clouded by the shadows of failed success

Separate, but equal- equality has itsí place
Tortured and beaten by the hands of my self-conscience

The battles rages on in my head, growing violent and cruel
I feed the hunger and drink the hemlock of my own inadequacies

The metaphoric meaning masks my morbid memories
Death takes over and puts my suffering soul at ease

My Date


Stephanie Davis

Two worlds colliding, in one space at one time
One woman from the Netherworld, another from my mind

One woman stands supreme, beautiful, strong and tall
The other, sits and waits for the inevitable downfall

Peace on earth, the mysterious stillness of light creates her halo
Yet misery and doom deals her blow after paralyzing blow

In a perfect world, Iíve looked into that perfect virgin mirror
Iíve become that woman of substance and grand allure

On Earth and in reality my days of youth are growing shorter
I know now, my date with death- looming ever so bold is closer