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Claire Davis


Sussex, England, UK

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The Girl I used to be


Claire Davis

The girl I used to be
Is hidden very well
She's gone beyond my reach
And is putting me through hell
For the girl I used to be
Makes me wonder how
I went from being her
To the girl that I am now
How things could of been
I wonder every day
Where my old self went
And how she slipped away
I sit and want to cry
When I rememeber how
I pushed the girl away
And simply let her die
It kills me all the time
When I look into her eyes
And see the girl I was
Become the girl I despise
I try to understand
How this came about
I really cannot say
Why I chose this route
I can only sit and grieve
For the girl I used to be
It is only when she returns
That I can set my sorrows free

The Difference Between Me and You


Claire Davis

I made him happy
You made him sad
I made him laugh
You made him cry
I made him smile
You made him frown
I dried his tears
You brought him fears
I know when he is telling the truth
You just say he has got to have proof
I made him cheerful
You tormented him
I made him positive
You made him negative
I made him in control
You controlled him
I was kind
You were cruel
I made him bright
You made him miserable
I made him merry
You made him grumpy
I made him thrilled
You pressurized him
He chose to love me
You made him hate you
I made him gleeful
You made him suicidal
I made sure we had fun
Now you just say you don't want your son
Who seems the better one?