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Karen Davies


Levittown, PA, US

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Karen Davies

My love burns in the flames of hell
engulfed with the passion of fury.
Release me, Master.
Set free my world of ecstacy
secretly yearning for the gates of heaven
to embrace me with it's forbidding secrets.
This prison holds me for an eternity
of possession no man could imagine,
no beast could prey.
I call to you, Almighty of heaven and earth.
Hear my sullen groans of misery.
Come forth to my cell, unseen, unheard,
into my torture of one thousand souls.
Hold up your fist and command my master.
Let lightning strike on that sacred hour.
Call to me and one thousand demons cannot mute me,
cannot blind me for an eternity.
My Holy God, let your reason rain upon the world!
Only then can my freedom shine.