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Candace Davidson


Rochester, NY, US

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Candace Davidson

On the road am I to nowhere.
How rugged it shall be.
Curiousity flows as I wonder what
The path ahead has for me.
It's 1:00, my eyes are in flames,
My body has shut down.
That biological clock I possess
Is non-exsistant now.
From where have I come? To where am I going?
Two questions linger in my mind.
Without a care, purpose, or cause
My life, it seems so blind.
I'm in a world of only me,
A reflection of myself.
Could it be that, looking farther,
Of care, my life is free?
The only sign of life out here
Is the utterly abnoxious clock.
How ever dead or alive it is,
That harsh thing, how it does mock!