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Valence, France

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Overseas love



Until the end of the night
Time of the morning dew
Until the sun rises on the bight
i'll kiss and stay close to you

to hear parrots on palm-trees
And seagulls squealling in the sky
To feel the cool sea-breeze
Making kites dance so high

Have you ever heard
Of this small island ?
In the fringe of the world
Sensuality on the sand

Your skin is smooth as silk
My hands around your hips
A flavour of cocoa milk
I'll taste on your lips

Just a one way ticket
For our love islet

Each day you play with waves
Swimming in the sea like a siren
Queen of my sweetest raves
You ride a silver dolphin

Have you ever heard
Of this deep blue lagoon ?
Look at these lovers, free as a bird
Flying through the night to their honeymoon

"they're sparkling like two comets
Chant the crabs of the grove
Listen to their heartbeats
This is an overseas love

Soon will come the day of happiness
Wedding day in a palace of bamboo
She will wear a white dress
And the dream will become true"

Just look at the dreamy ship
Come, honey here begins the trip !