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Joli Darling


Salem, OR, US

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Love Dissolved


Joli Darling

A frozen solid block of ice
Winter wind sure feels nice

The sun, hidden behind the clouds
Within the ice I cry out loud

Ice pick lying quite nearby
Cannot reach it; trapped inside

Wish the sun would come out today
Then all this pain would melt away

Leaving behind the supercooled few
Puddles of love I once knew

Royalty Bestowed


Joli Darling

He imparts me with His royalty
And fills me with His love for me
He seats me amongst nobility
Renting showers from Above
He takes me to His gardens
Replete with gushing, bubbling springs
My Lord, He never fails to show me
Such wild & beautiful things...
Things far too terrible yet wonderful for me
In whose firece but loving gaze alone can set me free
Trembling I stand before Him
As He fearlessly does search my heart
And gently entreats me-
To stop picking it all apart

Once Upon Eternity


Joli Darling

The preordained forgathering-an ineffable Dayspring by night
Of the King's subjects-children of the Light

A convivial convocation-fervent and true
Eternal and ardent princely quietude

The Kiss of Life from the Depths Above
Unremitting, interchanging overtures of L O V E

Concurrent convergence in the midst of the impasse
Only to gaze upward through a sea of glass

Perfect laughter-resounding illume
Radiance magnificently imbued throughout His 'inner room'

Lofty din-unstained by sin
The movement of His Spirit transfigures once again

This moment has been inscribed and shall even be outdone
Nevermore to see through a mirror dimly-Eternity yet to come

Ode To Bid


Joli Darling

I had sworn myself a passing stranger
The day your eyes caught mine
Shoulder to shoulder in the crowded fray
Another place & time

How I marveled and was ashamed to tell
Not having taken note of you before
Yet you foreknew me all too well
So I loved you all the more

In a glance you looked right through me
Wrenching my hear free
Your eyes how they did glisten
My soul how it did listen
Mine eyes how they did see

'Joli, my sweet Joli'
Were the simple words you spoke
Ever so winsome and disarming
How impetuously they did evoke

Face to face in the lunchroom
Where I dropped my cup for all to see
The table at which I sat alone
Where you slid in next to me

The exchange outside the four walls
Where I sat cold and waiting for you
Alongside me you came to call
I could not help but stall
As if to say 'This much is true'

That day you fixed your eyes upon me
Ever so wistfully and from afar
As though I was all that you could see
And the night sky had but one star

The time you tugged upon my toes
As you breezed right past me in the throes
Of love that went straight to my head
Where lover's hearts & angels fear to tread

Once again you drew near to me one day
And for but a moment drew nearer still
Shutting my eyes so tight where I did lay
I could not help but then relax them at my will

Though ever so ephemerally and curiously soon
It came time for you to go
Even still I feel the loss & ruin
For the you only in part I had come to know

Disconsolate I watched your backside grow smaller
Against the morning light
I noticed your shadow growing taller
As you faded out of sight

My blush losing its pallor
My soul desperately wishing to take flight
As quicker by the hour
The day gave way to night

How I wished right then right now
I had not been spoken for
How I wished I had freely pursued
The already shaken promise; the love-laden lore
And the unrealized dream of you