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Norfolk, VA, US

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Dragon, Out of Place


Jezz Dark

I was born of man in manís world
Yet I grew to something else
Now I have grown in manís world
But I donít feel like a man

I delve into study of the ways of old
To learn more about myself
I discover that manís world is cold
And that few of my kind are left

I discover that I am like a dragon
Living in the world of man
A creature full ancient wisdom
Seeming older than I am

But did dragons ever live this world
A world where such creatures are false
Thus begins the turmoil
That boils in my bust

For who believes in dragons?
In the world of man
Who believes in me?
For a dragon is what I am

A creature born of fantasies
Thus it canít be real
Polite, with forgotten courtesies
Yet few will ever trust

A wise and mystical beast
That inspires such great love
A great companion at any feast
So what is man afraid of

True it may be ominous in size and shape
With fangs sharp like razor blades
Can often be found with its mouth agape
In pleasant conversation

So how does one feel as a dragon?
In the world of man
A world where dragons donít exist
Upon any of the lands

To be thought of as figment
Because man will not believe
To be told you donít exist
As if they are being deceived

This world created by man
Is a cruel and heartless place
When I peer into the looking glass
I see the dragonís face
I see the lonely distant eyes
Of a dragon out of place