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Soheil Danesh


Seattle, WA, US

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Soheil Danesh

the time came and I stood up
making not a sound as I did

the eyes of our group met
and a familiar feeling slid

among us and we all stood up

but I am alone
and feeling strange
writing a poem
through the walls of a cage

what is your name
I am the man
Who knows the way
The way to the end of the day
Through the twilight
And into the night

What is your name
I am the man
You come to me and we will go
Through the ice and through the snow
I am the man who you should meet
(he smiled and continued)
to complete this silly feat


this silly feat is all there is
and all there is, is a silly feat
itís the one who is pulling you
but itís the one beneath your feet

silence filled all the desert
only the wind howled in the distance
some say they saw some people
perform a peculiar dance

grains of sand upon each other

the will was soft and hard and moving
the will was coming from inside
the will was showing me how to be
the will is showing me how to hide

the man came
he was no one
but me
it will take some time to see
but once you do
you will feel free

and a calm silence filled my body