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Erin Danes


Edmonton, AB, CA

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The Letter


Erin Danes

The letter sits on the table,
Crisp, white, perfect in the sun.
Thin beautiful lines of hateful script,
Destroy our love like a knife.

Our love, they said, was forever.
Who could have guessed they were wrong?
Dark words swim, laughing before my eyes;
Ink soon runs in black rivers of tears.

The letter sits in my shaking hands,
Mocking the horrible pain,
I tear it slowly into tiny shreds,
Tossed out the window by the breeze.

Our love, they said, was eternal.
So why do I sit here alone?
White bits of the letter toss in the wind,
Words as meaningless as what we once had.

Battle's End


Erin Danes

Loneliness and Despair
Hope exists no more
A drumroll of bullets fills the air

Wounded, she falls to the ground
Life exists no more
Refusing to cry if no one is around

Darkness forever eclipsed by day
Shadows exist no more
Things unwanted cannot be wished away

A child held high, for all to see
Hate exists no more
Still, nothing is quite as it should be



Erin Danes

Children laughing,
Endlessly splashing,
In the mud left behind
by spring's first rain.

Tiny sparks
Of unstoppable energy
Big black boots
and shiny yellow coats

Not caring about the cold
Or the wet
Without a worry in the world
Children singing in the rain

As the drizzle falls down,
There is nothing quite the same
Just watching children play
Splashing in the mud

Fade Away


Erin Danes

Lying in the grass
High on spoiled wine
Always trying to reach the clouds
Only to smash down and kiss the dirt

For an eternity, I wander alone
The world a labirynth of mirrors
Knowing there is no escape
My only friend a reflection of myself

Fear pierces like a snake bite
Binding me fast with rusted chains
Taking another sip to drown reality
I will the problems to go away

There is nowhere left to hide
The corner is littered with broken glass
Shattered remains of dreams
The future crumbles to dust

A stench of death hangs in the air
The candle slows burns away
The liquid pool of black wax
Hardens painfully around the heart

Loved forever are the friends
Condemmed for eternity the enemy
A world of promise, yet so much pain
One last sip, it fades away