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Ezekielle Dandylyon


Tulsa, OK, US

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Ezekielle Dandylyon

- Iíve gotta find that polished white girl
and end racism,
get a hairdo I can photograph in
maybe I gotta quit smoking-
land my feet on the steps of an old brand new home
- Iíve got an old new hallway
with old frames n new pictures,
sometimes crooked or turned around
to face blank walls pinhole covered.
I could carry my only worthy creations
all the way to this new home
so I can try to recreate them.
maybe I can post bills - exciting
Iíve gotta get sold - amusing
maybe Iíll miss you ankh in my face
bite my lip using balm as a conversation piece,
or an excuse for sex-
bite my lip a little more.
lonely, cursing sunrises
as a blitzd anti-lotus lost in suburban lawns
dew grassping w/ a dirty dust cherry-pop nerve loop rocking
disguises hiding boy leaning
cross and quivering him like submission-
get made nd up to creation
get widowed maiden up to creation
again instead of crumbling him
under intensive investigations dogmatic misled
n soft quiver-doubt lockjaw dreams
cornering my calling, the wing gets forgot
cuz lucid missing glows
safe clean emptiness into
my wanna die wake up call crying
tradition got a hold
ugh! a mess
i have been made of myself,
just a mess to get used to...